PV2R Pump is Suitable for Modern Hydraulic system


PV2R pump is a high-pressure and high-performance vane […]

PV2R pump is a high-pressure and high-performance vane pump specially developed for low noise. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, good reliability and minimal pulsation, and is most suitable for the needs of modern hydraulic systems.

Its main features are:

This product is widely used in metal cutting machine tools, injection molding machines, die casting machines, construction machinery and other hydraulic systems.

1. The circular arc blades with reasonable juice and precise processing reduce the compressive stress of the blades on the inner curved surface of the stator and improve the service life of the stator and the blades

2. The stator adopts advanced high power non-impact transition curve, which minimizes pressure and flow pulsation, reduces noise and prolongs service life.

3. The side plates are hydraulically balanced to achieve better volumetric efficiency.

4. The parts are made of high quality materials and advanced heat treatment technology, which improves the overall reliability of the oil pump.

5. The plug-in structure is adopted, and the main viscera parts or components are formed. The replacement of pump core can be completed in a few minutes, with good interchangeability and convenient maintenance.

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