Instructions for Maintenance of Hydraulic Pump


How should we maintain the hydraulic vane pump? Hongyi […]

How should we maintain the hydraulic vane pump? Hongyi Hydraulic will explain it to you.

1. When abnormal noise of pump, vibration of rotary excavation or failure code or alarm is displayed on the computer board when rotary excavation is in operation, be sure to stop the machine to check whether it is caused by pump failure.

2. When the operating environment temperature is very low, be sure to idle for more than 10 minutes after starting, then add load to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic pump.

3. Always pay attention to whether the temperature of hydraulic oil is too high when working at ordinary times. Whether the water temperature of rotary excavation is too high.

4. When the hydraulic pump is first used, pay attention to whether the pump has abnormal noise. Because it is easy to be affected by bubbles and dust at the beginning of operation, poor lubrication at high temperature or overloading of conditions, etc., make the hydraulic pump make abnormal noise.

5. Pay attention to the pressure gauge display value of the hydraulic circuit at any time.

6. Understand the function of each valve in the hydraulic pump system.

7. When replacing the pump, pay attention to whether each filter screen in the oil circuit in the rotary digging hydraulic system is blocked.

8. Regularly check the use of hydraulic oil, basically every one or two months to analyze whether rotary drilling hydraulic oil deterioration? Did you change color? Be polluted, etc.

9. Pay attention to whether the piping of hydraulic device works normally? After a period of operation, check whether there is oil leakage and whether the piping is loose.

10. During the operation of the new machine, check the operation conditions, such as maintenance of machine parts, looseness of screws, abnormal rise of oil temperature, rapid deterioration of hydraulic oil, and compliance with regulations.

If you have any problems during use, Hongyi will be happy to solve them for you: