What do You Know about T6 Pump?


Brief Introduction of T6 pump; T6 series vane pump is d […]

Brief Introduction of T6 pump;

T6 series vane pump is divided into three types: single vane pump, double vane pump and triple vane pump, and has three types of housings (C, D and E).

T6 series vane pump adopts an integrated pump core structure, which can easily replace or renovate the pump core within a few minutes, with lower maintenance cost and less risk of pollution invasion. The T6 vane pump has the advantages of extremely strong anti-pollution capability, low environmental noise pollution during the whole operation, long service life, etc.

General operating instructions for T6 vane pump:

1. Check the pump steering, speed range, pressure, temperature, oil quality and viscosity.

2. Check whether the suction conditions of the pump meet the use requirements.

3. Check whether the transmission shaft type and torque meet the working condition requirements.

4. Select an appropriate coupling to minimize the radial load of the pump (caused by weight, different shaft deviations, etc.).

5. Filtering: The minimum pollution level must be met.

6. Working environment: Avoid noise, pollution and impact.

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