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Vane pump is a pump in which the vanes in the rotor gro […]

Vane pump is a pump in which the vanes in the rotor groove contact the pump casing (stator ring) to press the sucked liquid from the oil inlet side to the oil discharge side.

In addition to preventing dry rotation and overload, preventing intake of air and excessive suction vacuum, the key management points of vane pump should also be noted:

1. Change of pump steering: its suction and discharge directions are also changed. Vane pumps have specified steering and reverse rotation is not allowed. Because the rotor blade groove is inclined, the blade is chamfered, the bottom of the blade is communicated with the oil discharge cavity, and the throttle groove and the suction and discharge ports on the oil distribution plate are designed according to the established steering. Reversible vane pumps must be specially designed.

2. Vane pump assembly: The oil distribution plate and stator are correctly positioned with positioning pins. The blades, rotor and oil distribution plate are not allowed to be installed reversely. The suction area on the inner surface of stator is most easily worn. If necessary, it can be installed reversely so as to make the original suction area become the discharge area and continue to be used.

3. Disassembly and assembly: Pay attention to the cleanliness of the working surface, and the oil should be well filtered during work.

4. If the clearance between the blades in the blade groove is too large, the leakage will increase. If the clearance is too small, the blades cannot freely expand and contract, which will lead to work disorder.

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