What are the Differences Between Single-acting Vane Pump and Double-acting Vane Pump?


There are several obvious differences between single-ac […]

There are several obvious differences between single-acting vane pump and double-acting vane pump:

1.The inner surface curve of the stator of single-acting vane pump is circular, while that of double-acting vane pump is elliptical.

2.There are only two windows on the oil distribution plate of single-acting vane pump, while there are four on double-acting vane pump. For each revolution of the rotor, the single-acting vane pump completes only one oil suction and one oil pressure, while the double-acting vane pump completes two oil suction and two oil pressure for each revolution of the rotor.

3.There is an eccentric distance between the centers of the stator and rotor of the single-acting vane pump. The existence of eccentricity lays the foundation for making variable vane pump, that is, single-acting vane pump can be made into variable vane pump. However, the double-acting vane pump can only be used as a quantitative vane pump.

4.As the oil suction chamber and the oil discharge chamber of the single-acting vane pump each occupy one side, the rotor is forced by the oil in the oil pressure chamber, resulting in unbalanced radial force on the rotor; The double-acting vane pump has two oil suction chambers and two oil pressure chambers, which are symmetrical to the bearing distribution, and the radial force on the bearing is balanced under the action of pressure.

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