What Are The Outstanding Advantages of Hongyi Vane Pump?


It enjoys a reputation of advanced technology and relia […]

It enjoys a reputation of advanced technology and reliable quality in the global industrial field. Products are widely used in ports, ships, rubber and plastics, die casting, engineering, metallurgy, coal, petroleum and other industries. Now let's introduce the advantages and working principle of Hongyi vane pump.

Advantages of Hongyi vane pump:

1. Extend the service life of bearings

The internal oil inlet and outlet pressure chambers are completely opposite. As a result, the radial load caused by pressure is balanced and the bearing only bears external load.

2. Extend the service life of products

The excellent design of these pumps has made their life longer. It has been proved that these pumps can work in harsh environment.

3. Strong adaptability

The characteristics of large flow, high pressure and high rotation speed make these pumps able to meet the needs of many modern mechanical equipment hydraulic circuits.

4. Good performance

Low blade tip, stator load allows high pressure operation, because the oil inlet road is designed to accelerate the oil, so high rotation speed is possible and filling characteristics are good, especially under low inlet pressure.

5. Low cost

Hongyi's efficient design produces extremely high efficiency/pump investment ratio, and its use in the industrial field achieves extremely low pump cost/power ratio.

Taizhou Hongyi Hydraulic Servo Technology Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of high performance vane pumps in China.

Since the brand was created we have bulit a high efficiency and high quality service team through keeping innovating and enterprising. Our sales network covers 40 main cities all over China and 20 agents overseas.We produce all kinds of vane pumps 100000 sets annually.

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