VQ Pump Uses Different Directions Depending on the Performance


VQ pump uses different directions for different perform […]

VQ pump uses different directions for different performance? Usually we all know that VQ vane pump has its own advantages and disadvantages when operating on the machine, of course, VQ pump is an important device of hydraulic system. It relies on the blades to reciprocate in the cylinder body to change the volume of the sealed working volume to realize oil absorption and oil pressure.

VQ pump has the advantages of high rated pressure, compact structure, high efficiency and convenient flow adjustment. It is widely used in high pressure, large flow and flow adjustment occasions, such as hydraulic machines, construction machinery and ships. Let's talk about the different directions of the VQ pump performance and the analysis and explanation are as follows:

1.VQ pump is generally composed of main parts such as cylinder block, oil distribution plate, blade and swash plate. There are multiple blades in the cylinder, and the blades are arranged axially, that is, the center line of the blades is parallel to the axis of the transmission shaft, so it is called an axial VQ vane pump.

2. But it is different from the reciprocating VQ pump, because its blades not only make reciprocating motion in the pump cylinder, but also the blade and the pump cylinder have relative rotation motion with the swash plate.

3. Contact the swash plate with a spherical tip. There are high and low pressure moon-shaped grooves on the oil distribution plate. They are separated from each other by a partition wall and have a certain tightness. They are in communication with the oil inlet and the oil outlet of the pump. There is a tilt angle between the axis of the swash plate and the axis of the cylinder.

4.VQ vane pumps are generally used in hydraulic drive systems of machine tools, metallurgy, forging, mining and lifting machinery, especially widely used in high-power hydraulic drive systems.

5. In order to improve efficiency, gear pumps or sliding vane pumps are usually used as auxiliary oil pumps in the application to supply oil, make up for leaks and maintain a certain pressure in the oil.

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