Knowledge of VQ Vane Pump Regulation


The power sources and control modes of VQ pumps are var […]

The power sources and control modes of VQ pumps are various.

I believe most users understand that for VQ vane pumps, the displacement and output flow can be changed as long as the inclination angle of the swash plate or the swing angle of the cylinder body is changed, so as to realize the speed regulation of the hydraulic motor or hydraulic cylinder, which is an important characteristic of VQ vane pumps.

Do you know about the adjustment of VQ vane pump? The following Hongyi hydraulic pressure will give you a detailed explanation of the adjustment knowledge of VQ vane pump as follows:

1. The adjustment can be continuous and stepless, or can be carried out without stopping during the working process of the hydraulic system.

2. Speed regulation is realized by changing displacement to volume speed regulation. Compared with another so-called throttling speed regulation, this method has less power loss, avoids system heating, and is very suitable for high-power systems.

3. The rigid pressure-flow characteristic of positive displacement pump is very valuable for hydraulic transmission, but it often conflicts with the requirement of flow regulation. Therefore, it is necessary to reform the original pressure-flow characteristic of positive displacement pump. This is the task of the variable adjustment mechanism.

4. There are various power sources and control methods to push the variable mechanism in the 4.VQ vane pump, but they can be divided into two types:

One is to directly adjust or control the variable mechanism by external force or external signal.

The other is to use the working parameters of the pump itself such as flow rate, pressure and power as signals to realize feedback control of the flow rate, pressure and power through changing and controlling the displacement of the pump and to carry out automatic adjustment.

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