Failure Analysis of Vickers Vane Pump


How can we solve the problem of oil leakage caused by i […]

How can we solve the problem of oil leakage caused by improper design of Vickers vane pump piping? What are the solutions in the process of solution? When the Vickers vane pump pipeline layout design is unreasonable, the oil leakage will directly affect the oil leakage at the pipe joint.

Statistics show that 30%-40% of the oil leakage in Vickers vane pump system comes from unreasonable pipelines and improper fitting of pipe joints. Therefore, in addition to recommending the use of integrated circuits, superposition valves, logic cartridge valves, plate assemblies, etc., to reduce the number of pipelines and pipe joints, thus reducing leakage locations.

Observe the changes of oil temperature, pay attention to check the changes of high and low oil temperature, and find out the relationship between oil temperature and external environment temperature. Only in this way can we know whether the cooler capacity and storage tank capacity are compatible with the surrounding conditions and operating conditions, and the troubleshooting of the cooling system can be followed. For the necessary connecting pipe, the solution to oil leakage caused by unreasonable design of Vickers vane pump pipeline pattern is as follows:

1. Minimize the number of pipe joints, thus reducing the oil leakage of Vickers vane pump.

2. While minimizing the pipeline length of Vickers vane pump (which can reduce the pipeline pressure loss and vibration, etc.), it is necessary to take measures to prevent the pipeline from breaking and cracking due to the thermal extension of the pipeline caused by temperature rise, and pay attention to the quality of the joint parts.

3. Like the hose, a straight section is required near the joint.

4. The bending length should be appropriate, not oblique.

5. Prevent leakage caused by hydraulic impact of Vickers vane pump system. When hydraulic impact occurs, it will cause the joint nut to loosen and cause oil leakage.

6. At this time, on the one hand, the joint nut should be retightened, and on the other hand, the cause of hydraulic shock should be found out and prevented.

7. Leakage caused by negative pressure of Vickers vane pump.

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