Make Clear The Correct Use Method of Vane Pump


There are several situations in which the vane pump sou […]

There are several situations in which the vane pump sounds loud and the pressure drops:

1. When the vane pump was installed for the first time, the customer adjusted the outlet direction by himself. The positioning pin in the pump core was not inserted into the positioning hole, and the oil suction port was blocked, resulting in poor oil suction. At this time, the pump noise sounded like an alarm, and the unstable pressure pointer swung greatly. To solve the problem, it is only necessary to disassemble the pump core and reassemble it once.

2. The above-mentioned problems occurred after a period of use, which can also be generally considered as poor oil absorption. The poor oil absorption at this time is mainly caused by more occurrence in winter, and the cold oil cannot absorb the oil. The problem can be solved by heating the oil temperature or replacing 32# anti-wear hydraulic oil. There is also the blockage of the filter at the oil suction port, which can be solved by cleaning the filter. Another is that the oil level is lower than the normal position, and fill it up.

3. When the second item is still loud, it should be suspected that the pump core is worn out. zhidao should change the pump core or complete the pump. If this situation is for several years, it is natural wear. If it occurs after several days, months or minutes, it should be that the oil is dirty, causing the pump core to wear out.

4. The general service life of vane pump is 15-20 years. If the quality of oil is not good and the vane pump is knocked savagely during installation, the service life of vane pump will be shortened to several minutes, days and months. At this time, don't blame the poor quality of vane pump, which is caused by your own improper use.

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