Working Principle and Characteristics of Hydraulic Pump


Hydraulic pump is a kind of energy conversion equipment […]

Hydraulic pump is a kind of energy conversion equipment, which converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. It is a power element in hydraulic transmission system and provides pressurized oil for the system.

1. The working principle of hydraulic pump The demonstration of working process of positive displacement pump takes the working process of single plunger hydraulic pump as an example.

2. Basic conditions for normal operation of hydraulic pump

(1) having one or more sealed working volumes in structure that can be periodically changed; When the working volume is reached, the oil absorption process is finished. When the working volume decreases, the oil discharge process ends. The output flow rate of the hydraulic pump is directly proportional to the volume change in this space and the number of changes per unit time, independent of other factors.

⑵ Have corresponding oil distribution arrangements to separate the oil absorption process from the oil discharge process;

(3) the pressure of the liquid in the oil tank is constant equal to or greater than the pressure.

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