What Should Be Paid Attention To When Using Hydraulic Pump?


Some Introduction of hydraulic pump Usage; 1. Check the […]

Some Introduction of hydraulic pump Usage;

1. Check the touch ports of the hydraulic clamp body and the top cover before application. If there are cracks in the hydraulic clamp body, stop application.

2. After the hydraulic press is started, it shall run with no load first, check the running state of each part, and it shall not be applied until it is abnormal. When the piston of the crimping tool is lifted, the human body shall not be located above the crimping tool.

3. When placing the top cover, it is necessary to make the top cover completely conform to the clamp body to prevent crimping without twisting in place.

4. The hydraulic pump operator shall cooperate closely with the operator of the crimping tool, and instigate the stabilizing pressure without overloading.

5. The safety relief valve of the hydraulic pump shall not be adjusted casually. In fact, relief valve shall not be used for unloading.

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