What Should Be Considered When Selecting Hydraulic Pump?


After considering which type of hydraulic transmission […]

After considering which type of hydraulic transmission to choose, you can begin to choose the type of hydraulic pump. The characteristics and prices of gear pump, vane pump, screw pump and plunger pump are introduced in detail in the common classification of hydraulic pumps and the performance of each classification.

We should determine the type of hydraulic pump according to the type and working condition of the main engine, the power size and the requirements of the system on its performance, and also consider quantitative or variable, prime mover type, rotational speed, volumetric efficiency, total efficiency, self-priming capability, noise and other factors.

Whether to use a quantitative pump or a variable pump requires careful argumentation. Quantitative pump is simple and cheap, variable pump is complex and expensive, but it can save energy. Quantitative pumps and variable displacement pumps are used in different situations. Vane pump, axial plunger pump and radial plunger pump have fixed displacement pump as well as variable displacement pump. Variable mechanism of variable pump has many forms.

When selecting the form and structure of the hydraulic pump, other requirements of the system on the hydraulic pump should also be considered, such as weight, price, service life and reliability, installation mode of the hydraulic pump, driving mode of the pump and connection mode between the pump and the prime mover, shaft extension mode of the pump, whether it can bear certain radial load, connection mode of the oil port, etc.

The selection of hydraulic pump type determines the working efficiency in the future. Therefore, when determining a specific model and purchasing behavior, the correct hydraulic pump agent should be selected. If you want to buy high-quality hydraulic pumps, consider Hongyi Hydraulic: https://www.vanepumpfactory.com/