What Maintenance Does The Vane Pump Usually Require?


The usual maintenance and operation of vane pump compon […]

The usual maintenance and operation of vane pump components:

1. Due to sudden power failure, the system working pressure fluctuates, the system negative pressure is discharged, and the bubbles are dissolved in the liquid, resulting in the presence of steam in the high temperature oil pump or pipeline. The solution is to vent the steam.

2. The pressure of the liquid column, because the high shading suddenly returns quickly, the impact plate at the outlet of the check valve. The solution is to irrigate the layout of the tube in the heat pump system and the tube fittings will be rebuilt.

3. The outlet pipe valve is closed too fast. The solution is to slowly close the valve.

4. The heat dissipated by the conveying medium on the high temperature oil pump cover and the bearing is dissipated through the surface of the cover and the bearing seat, so that the temperature of the bearing seat is suitable for the temperature characteristic of the shaft seal.

Therefore, when the installation location of the high temperature oil pump is selected, the heat generated by the high temperature oil pump cover and the housing can be easily diffused without other heat storage conditions.

Stop: Disconnect power. Drain the internal liquid, remove and rotate the impeller 180 degrees from time to prevent axial deformation until the spare parts of the high temperature oil pump are completely cooled.

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