What is The Working Principle of Servo Pumps With Different Structures?


Servo vane pump is an important hydraulic device in hyd […]

Servo vane pump is an important hydraulic device in hydraulic system. Through reciprocating motion in servo pump cylinder, the volume of sealed working chamber changes to realize oil absorption and pressure. Then what are the structural types of servo pumps and how do they work? Hongyi Hydraulic will explain them in detail below.

Description of structural form of servo pump:

Servo pumps are divided into axial servo pumps and radial servo pumps. As radial servo pump is a new type of high-efficiency pump with relatively high technical content, with the continuous acceleration of localization, radial servo pump will inevitably become an important part of servo pump application field.

Working principle of servo pump:

Servo pump is a kind of reciprocating pump, which belongs to volume pump. Its plunger is driven by eccentric rotation of pump shaft and reciprocates. Its suction and discharge valves are non-return valves. When the plunger is pulled out, the pressure in the working chamber is reduced, the outlet valve is closed, and when the pressure is lower than the inlet pressure, the inlet valve is opened and liquid enters; When the plunger is pushed in, the working chamber pressure rises, the inlet valve closes, and when the pressure is higher than the outlet pressure, the outlet valve opens and liquid is discharged.

The advantage of using servo pump in hydraulic system is that servo pump has high rated pressure, compact structure, high efficiency and convenient flow regulation. It is widely used in mechanical hydraulic systems such as high pressure, large flow and flow regulation.

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