What Are The Characteristics of Hongyi Hydraulic Pump?


Hongyi hydraulic vane pump consists of pump body, recta […]

Hongyi hydraulic vane pump consists of pump body, rectangular oil tank, pressure handle and ultra-low pressure steel wire braided hose. Hongyi hydraulic pump has three types: straight-through type, self-sealing type and quick connection type.

Hongyi hydraulic pump features:

1. The Hongyi hydraulic pump has light weight, convenient use and high pressure.

2. Single-stage pumping station: slightly larger in structure and can obtain larger pressure.

3. Two-stage pump station: when the pressure is low, the high and low pressure pumps supply oil together, which can obtain larger input flow. At low pressure, the low pressure pump actively returns oil without load through the unloading overflow valve. Reduce power consumption.

4. Pressure maintaining function: Stop the pump and maintain the pressure for about 5 minutes without disclosing the external oil circuit.

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