What Are the Characteristics of Denison Vane Pump?


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Characteristics of Denison Double Vane Pump:

1. High pressure, low noise and high efficiency.

2. The working pressure of 2.Denison oil pump is as high as 275Bar. If the working pressure is reduced, the working life of oil pump can be prolonged.

3. High volumetric efficiency.

4. Reduce heat generation and operation cost of hydraulic equipment.

5. High mechanical efficiency, thus reducing energy consumption.

6. The rotating speed range is wide, and the rotating speed range is 600—2800rpm.

7. Strong anti-pollution capability. Denison oil pump adopts double-lipped blades with strong anti-pollution capability.

8. Long service life, suitable for large viscosity range of hydraulic medium.

9. Able to start at low temperature and run at high temperature.

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