The System of Denison Vane Pump is Analyzed


In the mechanical Denison vane pump industry, a complet […]

In the mechanical Denison vane pump industry, a complete Denison vane pump system is mainly composed of a complete hydraulic transmission or a sound control system. It is usually composed of several important parts.

Energy components (mainly refers to the hydraulic pump), so-called actuators (all kinds of hydraulic cylinders are hydraulic and can provide power components), and control components refer to all kinds of hydraulically operated valves, there is also a kind of auxiliary components (oil tank, pipe fittings, etc.) and other important hydraulic components, so what is the main working principle of the complete control system of the Denison vane pump system?

Now let's talk about the working principle of Denison vane pump as follows:

1. The system of Denison vane pump mainly relies on hydraulic oil to provide power source. When various mechanical equipment for hydraulic transmission and control are working and producing, the general hydraulic system uses hydraulic oil with fluidity or nonflammable hydraulic fluid or water as the main medium for operation, and the internal components are driven.

2. The mechanical energy acted by the prime mover is converted into the pressure energy of the liquid, and then it is sent to the actuator through the control of various control elements, so as to be converted into a mechanically driven load for operation, thus completing the required movement and swing in the system system.

3. The hydraulic system generally uses liquid oil as the power medium to provide operation, and the movement and power transmission in operation are mainly completed by the liquid in the system. Because the main hydraulic action, under the joint action of various parameters, gives full play to its important technical advantages, making the operation of the hydraulic system one of the irreplaceable main control means and important production skills in the mechanical industry and power supply.

4. Mechanical control production has gradually become automatic control. Only through continuous in-depth development and understanding can it adapt to the development of social mass production. Only by understanding the main operating system of hydraulic pump system under certain conditions can production and development be better carried out and enterprise progress be better promoted.

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