Technical Characteristics of T6 Series Vane Pump


Taizhou Hongyi Hydraulic Servo Technology Co., Ltd. is […]

Taizhou Hongyi Hydraulic Servo Technology Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of high performance vane pump in China.

The main products are Denison T6, T7 series, Vickers V, VQ, V10, V20 series, Tokimec SQP and YUKEN PV2R series which are with the same performance with original products.

Technical characteristics of T6 series vane pump:

T6 pump has the technical characteristics of high efficiency, high working pressure, low noise, long service life and strong anti-pollution capability.

(1) High working pressure: Hongyi oil pump has high working pressure, and the maximum pressure can reach 275Bar.

(2) Long service life: Hongyi vane pump adopts the latest cast steel technology, and Hongyi pump core has more precise design and higher strength.

(3) High volumetric efficiency: The rotating speed range of HongyiT6 series vane pump is 600---2800rpm, which can improve production efficiency, reduce heating and reduce the operating cost of hydraulic equipment.

(4) Low noise: Hongyi vane pump starts at low temperature and operates at high temperature with very low noise, which not only reduces noise pollution, but also makes the working environment more comfortable.

(5) Strong anti-pollution capability: Hongyi oil pump adopts the most advanced blade with double lip structure, which is suitable for large viscosity range of hydraulic medium and has strong anti-pollution capability.

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