Structural Characteristics of Single-acting Vane Pump


The rotor of the vane pump does not rotate for one cycl […]

The rotor of the vane pump does not rotate for one cycle, and each working space completes oil suction and pressure. This is called single-acting vane pump.

What are the structural characteristics of the single-acting vane pump? Let's briefly analyze the following:

1) variables

The displacement of the single-acting vane pump can be changed by eccentric installation between the stator and the rotor and adjusting the eccentric distance e. Eccentricity E can be adjusted manually or automatically. According to the different pressure and flow characteristics, automatic variable vane pump can be divided into constant pressure type, constant flow type and pressure limiting type.

2) radial force imbalance

As the rotor, transmission shaft and bearing are affected by radial unbalanced force, the single-acting vane pump is not suitable for high-pressure occasions.

3) Blade Backward Tilting

In order to ensure that the blades can be thrown out smoothly under the action of centrifugal force, the blades should be tilted back at an angle of 24.

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