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The vane pump converts the mechanical energy of the dyn […]

The vane pump converts the mechanical energy of the dynamic trifoliate orange into hydraulic machinery of water energy (potential energy, kinetic energy and pressure energy) through the rotation of the impeller. Vane pump products are not called vane pumps on a ship. However, as monographs, vane pumps almost all refer to centrifugal pumps, mixed flow pumps, axial flow pumps, etc.

Vane pump refers specifically to vane pump in positive displacement pump. Vane pump refers to three pumps of power pump or other special pumps. According to whether the theoretical displacement per revolution is fixed or variable, it can be divided into vane variable displacement pump and vane quantitative pump.

When the rotor of the vane pump rotates, the tip of the vane clings to the inner surface of the stator under the action of centrifugal force and pressure oil. The working volume formed by the two blades and the inner surfaces of the rotor and the stator firstly absorbs oil from small to large and then discharges oil from large to small, and the blades rotate for one cycle.

At the same time, finish the oil discharging and discharging twice.

There are two types depending on the type.

(a) specifically refers to the volume pump in the sliding vane pump

(two) refers to the three pumps of the power pump or other special pumps

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Our main products are Denison T6, T7 series, Vickers V, VQ, V10, V20 series, Tokimec SQP and YUKEN PV2R series which are with the same performance with original products. HTS and QHP series servo pumpsare self-developed product s with independent intellectual property with three inventive patents and four utility model patents which can replace Germany ECKERLE EIPC series andS UMITOMO QT series gear pumps. We also developed the world first T8 series 420 Mpa high pressure vane pump and T8F series 1000 displacement high flow vane pump.

We will insist on the principle”Quality first , Customer is supreme” with continuous innovation to create the world class leading vane pump manufacturer providing you with the high quality products and services.

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