Simple Understanding of Some Hydraulic Knowledge


What types of hydraulic pumps are common in life? 1. Ac […]

What types of hydraulic pumps are common in life?

1. According to whether the flow rate can be adjusted, it can be divided into variable pump and quantitative pump. The output flow rate can be adjusted as required, which is called variable pump, and the flow rate that cannot be adjusted is called fixed pump.

2. According to the pump structures commonly used in hydraulic systems, there are three types: gear pump, vane pump and plunger pump.

Gear pump: smaller volume, simpler structure, less strict requirement on oil cleanliness and lower price; However, the pump shaft suffers from unbalanced force, serious abrasion and large leakage. Examples of big brands include Rexroth gear pump and Syusuke Fuji gear pump.

Vane pump: divided into double-acting vane pump and single-acting vane pump. This kind of pump has uniform flow, smooth operation, low noise, higher working pressure and volumetric efficiency than gear pump, and more complicated structure than gear pump. Typical pumps include Rexroth vane pump and Wiggins vane pump.

Plunger pump: high volume efficiency, small leakage, can work under high pressure, mostly used in high-power hydraulic systems; However, the structure is complex, the material and processing precision are required to be high, the price is expensive, and the cleanliness of oil is required to be high. Generally, plunger pumps are only used when gear pumps and vane pumps cannot meet the requirements. Basically, the major products of international brands such as Rexroth, Wigs and Parker are plunger pumps.

There are also some other types of hydraulic pumps, such as screw pumps, but their application is not as common as the above three types.

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