Precautions for Operation of Vane Pump


As pump products, vane pump refers to vane pump more, s […]

As pump products, vane pump refers to vane pump more, such as SQP vane pump, PV2R pump and T6 pump.

In addition to preventing dry rotation and overload, preventing intake of air and excessive intake vacuum, the key management points of vane pump should also pay attention to the following points:

1. When the pump steering changes, its suction and discharge directions will also change. Vane pumps have specified steering, and reverse adjustment is not allowed. Because turn

The cotyledon groove is inclined, the blade is chamfered, the bottom of the blade is communicated with the oil discharge cavity, and the throttling groove, the suction port and the discharge port on the oil distribution plate are in accordance with the following requirements

Fixed steering design, therefore reversible vane pump must be specially designed.

2, vane pump assembly oil distribution plate and stator with positioning pin positioning correctly, blade, rotor, oil distribution plate shall not be installed in reverse, set

The suction area on the inner surface of the sub-assembly is most easily worn, and it can be turned over and installed if necessary to make the original suction area become the discharge area and continue.


3, disassembling pay attention to the working surface clean, oil should be very good filter when working.

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