Learn and Understand Some Problems of Servo Vane Pump


Because servo vane pump is widely used and can be seen […]

Because servo vane pump is widely used and can be seen in some industrial production activities. Therefore, it is necessary to learn and understand this aspect.

1. What should be paid attention to when selecting the position sensor for servo vane pump? And, this kind of vane pump, can be used in what equipment?

Servo vane pump, in the selection of position sensor, the main thing is to pay attention to sensor feedback, because it can be either internal or external. Therefore, specific decisions should be made on a case-by-case basis. As for the servo vane pump, what kind of equipment can it be used on? Generally speaking, it depends on the use requirements of the equipment, as well as the specific requirements of the location and pressure, etc., which are determined by these.

2. Is there any relation between servo vane pump and hydraulic servo system?

Servo vane pump and hydraulic servo system are related to each other. Because they all use servo technology. For hydraulic servo system, we should know that it can automatically and accurately change the output of the system, such as speed, force and displacement, etc., and it changes with the change of input. At the same time, the output power of the system is amplified.

3. If the servo vane pump leaks, will it affect the stability of the servo system?

If the servo vane pump leaks, it will affect the stability of the servo system. Therefore, the answer to this question is yes. The specific impacts are as follows:

The pressure of the oil return circuit rises abnormally, parts are damaged or invalid, and the cleanliness of the pressure system decreases. In addition, it poses a threat to various valves and pipelines with control function. If it is allowed to develop, the servo vane pump will be damaged and cannot be used normally.

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