Hydraulic Electric Pumps are Gradually Being Widely Used


Hydraulic vane pump is a kind of plunger pump, which sh […]

Hydraulic vane pump is a kind of plunger pump, which should be widely used now. Compared with other pneumatic pumps, this product can complete the same work, but it has few parts and seals, simple maintenance and high cost performance.

However, there will be some phenomenon of not keeping pressure during its operation. What are the main reasons for this phenomenon? Let's analyze it in detail today:

1. When the hydraulic electric pump is on, there is no pressure. Cause, pump failure; The pump pressure is too low; The pressure regulating valve is too low.

Generally speaking, it is because the pressure is directly released to the oil tank, and the pressure cannot be established.

2. If you are referring to the ultra-high hydraulic electric pump after the hydraulic pneumatic pump is closed, the actuator does not maintain pressure. Reason: Your hydraulic system has no pressure maintaining circuit; Check valve is broken; If there is an accumulator, it may be because the accumulator pressure is not enough.

Hydraulic electric pump is a kind of hydraulic mechanical equipment that we often use. Novice should pay attention to some problems when using hydraulic electric pump to avoid improper operation that will damage the normal use of hydraulic electric pump in the future.

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