How To Select High-Quality Water Pump?


Water pumps should be selected according to local condi […]

Water pumps should be selected according to local conditions. There are three types of commonly used agricultural water pumps, namely centrifugal pump, axial flow pump and mixed flow pump.

Centrifugal pumps have high lift but small water output, and are suitable for mountain areas and well irrigation areas. Axial flow pump has large water output, but its lift is not too high, so it is suitable for use in plain areas. Mixed flow pump has a water output and lift between centrifugal pump and axial pump, and is suitable for use in plain and hilly areas. Users should choose and buy according to local conditions, water sources and water lifting height.

The water pump should be properly selected to exceed the standard. After the type of water pump is determined, its economic performance should be considered, especially the head and flow of the water pump and the selection of its matching power. Therefore, the actual head is generally 10%-20% lower than the total head, and the water output is correspondingly reduced. The matching power of the water pump can be selected according to the power indicated on the sign. In order to make the water pump start quickly and use safely, the power of the power machine can also be slightly higher than the power required by the water pump, which is generally about 10% higher.

We must go through strict procedures to purchase water pumps. When purchasing water pumps, the "three certificates" must be verified, i.e. agricultural machinery promotion license, production license and product inspection certificate. Only when the three certificates are complete can the purchase of obsolete products and inferior products be avoided.

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