How to Improve the Working Pressure of Vane Pump?


In order to improve the maximum working pressure of van […]

In order to improve the maximum working pressure of vane pump, the structural measures are as follows: the vane can not only contact with the inner surface of stator reliably, but also the contact stress between the vane and stator will not be too large to cause serious wear.

At the beginning, the maximum working pressure of vane pumps was not more than 6.3MPa. Now, some of the highest working pressures of vane pumps in the world have reached 20-30MPa. To realize the high pressure of vane pump, the following two problems must be solved.

(1) the rotor end surface and the top of the blade leakage problem.

(2) the blade and stator inner surface wear problem.

Variable vane pump let's have a brief understanding. If you are interested in understanding, please look at the following contents together. I hope it will be helpful to you.

1. It has the functions of automatic high-speed flow and compensation under pressure setting. Compared with fixed vane pump, it has less power loss and lower heat generation. It is a high-efficiency vane pump that saves energy and is the best choice for system design engineers in high-efficiency circuits.

2. The operation is balanced and quiet, especially suitable for machine tools and indoor requirements.

3. It contains a pressure adjusting mechanism. The system may not need a pressure regulating valve and is suitable for direct motors. It is easy to assemble.

4, equipped with a variety of different pressure and flow range, available for arbitrary choice.

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