How To Clean After Using Hydraulic Pump?


The hydraulic pump is just like the heart of the human […]

The hydraulic pump is just like the heart of the human body, which is the core power for the normal operation of the equipment. If the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic pump is dirty, does it need to be replaced? Just like human blood, if it is dirty, people cannot stand it.

When the hydraulic pump is cleaned, hydraulic oil or test oil used for work is mostly used.

1. Do not use kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, steam or other liquids to prevent corrosion of hydraulic components, pipelines, oil tanks and seals.

2. During the cleaning process, the operation of the hydraulic pump and the heating of the cleaning medium are carried out simultaneously. When the temperature of the cleaning oil is (50-80)℃, the rubber residue in the system can be easily removed.

3. During the cleaning process, nonmetallic hammer rods can be used to knock the oil pipe, either continuously or discontinuously, so as to remove the attachments in the pipeline.

4. Intermittent operation of hydraulic pump is conducive to improving cleaning effect, and the intermittent time is generally (10-30)min.

5. A filter or strainer should be installed on the circuit of cleaning oil circuit. At the beginning of cleaning, due to more impurities, 80 mesh filter can be used, and at the end of cleaning, a filter with more than 150 mesh can be used.

6. The cleaning time is generally (48-60) hours, which shall be determined according to the complexity of the system, filtering accuracy requirements, pollution level and other factors.

7. In order to prevent corrosion caused by external moisture, the hydraulic pump will continue to operate until the temperature returns to normal after cleaning.

8. After the hydraulic pump is cleaned, the cleaning oil in the circuit shall be removed.

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