How to Choose A Reasonable Manufacturer to Customize the Hydraulic System?


How to reasonably choose vane pump factory to customize […]

How to reasonably choose vane pump factory to customize the hydraulic system?

What is the ultimate standard for evaluating non-standard hydraulic systems? Not price, not use, not material, but design. Because non-standard hydraulic systems are very different from conventional hydraulic systems, they are often customized according to the special needs of customers. They are not mass produced, but are only manufactured at one time according to the needs of customers. Since they are not mass produced, there is no comparison and there is no set of fixed evaluation criteria, so they are called non-standard hydraulic systems.

For non-standard hydraulic systems, because there is no fixed measurement standard, it is easier to be exploited by some small manufacturers without design experience and production scale. Non-standard hydraulic systems also often have such and such problems as short service life and low operation precision.

The root cause of these problems lies in design. The design goal of non-standard hydraulic system is to meet the pressure needs of customers and to ensure the service life of the hydraulic system. To ensure the service life, not to say how long the hydraulic system can be used, but on the basis of maintaining the pressure accuracy, the service time of non-standard hydraulic system.

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