How to Apply Oil Pump to Energy Saving Equipment


The servo pump does not specifically point to that kind […]

The servo pump does not specifically point to that kind of oil pump, that is to say, any oil pump can be applied to an energy-saving servo system, so long as it is well applied, energy can be saved.

The oil pump can be divided into gear pump (including external gear pump and internal kneading gear pump), vane pump (including pin type, female type and single vane type), plunger pump and screw pump. Each of the four pumps has different advantages and disadvantages. The gear pump has better anti-occlusion and anti-pollution but higher noise. The vane pump has low noise, small pressure pulsation but weak anti-pollution capability. The plunger pump has high pressure but higher noise, and the screw pump has low noise but is not durable.

In today's situation of ever-increasing technology, how to apply it to energy-saving equipment, the eight immortals of all parties have shown their magic powers across the sea. There are many classic works, and there is no lack of them.

The application of pump control servo system is the epitome of energy-saving pump. It can be said to be an energy-saving device, while the four oil pumps of gear pump, plunger pump, vane pump and screw pump can all achieve the same function in the pump control servo system.

Taizhou hongyi hydraulic servo technology co., ltd. has taken a first step in this field and has already applied the vane pump to energy-saving hydraulic equipment.

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