Description of Vane Pump Supplier: Selection Principle of Vane Pump


Some people may feel confused when choosing vane pump f […]

Some people may feel confused when choosing vane pump for deep field treatment or studying characteristics. I don't know which vane pump is suitable for my own production and processing. Improper selection will lead to failure and shorten service life. Cause irreversible consequences.

Vane pump supplier puts forward six principles for selecting vane pump to solve this problem:

1. Select vane pump according to the pressure of hydraulic system. If the working pressure of the system is less than 10 MPa, YB series vane pump can be used. If the normal working pressure exceeds 10MPa, a high-pressure vane pump should be used.

2. Select the pump according to the noise requirements of the system. Generally speaking, the noise of vane pump is lower, and that of double-acting vane pump is lower than that of single-acting pump (i.e. variable vane pump). If the main engine requires low pump noise, a low noise vane pump should be selected.

3. Considering the working reliability and service life, the service life of double-acting vane pump is longer than that of single-acting vane pump, plunger pump and gear pump.

4. Considering pollution factors, vane pump has poor anti-pollution ability and is not as good as gear pump. Vane pumps can be used if the system has good filtration conditions and the fuel tank is sealed. Otherwise, gear pump or other pump with strong anti-pollution capability should be selected.

5. From the point of view of energy conservation, in order to save energy and reduce consumption, variable pump should be used. Variable vane pumps with proportional pressure and flow control are preferred. Using two or even three pumps is also a solution to save energy.

6. Considering the price factor, price is the factor that the city needs. In order to reduce the cost while ensuring the reliable operation of the system, the pump with lower price should be selected. When selecting variable pump or double pump, besides energy saving comparison, analysis and comparison should be made from various aspects such as cost.

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