Description of Blade Pump Adjustment Knowledge


How to adjust the vane pump, do you have any understand […]

How to adjust the vane pump, do you have any understanding of it? Below Hongyi will give you a detailed explanation of the blade pump regulator, as follows:

A description of the adjustment of the Vickers vane pump.

1. First of all, in the working process of the hydraulic system, not only can the adjustment be continuously performed, but it cannot be achieved, and it can also be carried out continuously.

2. By changing the displacement, the speed regulation becomes the volume speed regulation. Compared with the throttle speed regulation, the power loss is small, and the system heat is avoided, which is suitable for the high power system.

3. The rigid working pressure of the capacity pump The total flow characteristic is very important for the hydraulic transmission, but the adjustment of the total flow regulation is usually shielded, so it is necessary to update the original working pressure total flow characteristics of the capacity pump. This is also the task of the independent variable adjustment mechanism.

4. The power source and control methods of the independent variable training mechanism in Hongyi vane pump are various.

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