Application of Vane Pump in Servo System


Servo energy saving is the most fashionable expression […]

Servo energy saving is the most fashionable expression at present, and how to select an oil pump has become a contradictory topic. Some say that vane pump cannot be applied to servo system because its rotation speed cannot be lower than 600 rpm, others say that it cannot be reversed, etc. In fact, these are all one-sided views. It is necessary to introduce the performance of vane pump and its application in servo field.

1.Vane pump characteristics:

High pressure, low noise, small pressure pulsation, high volumetric efficiency and so on are the most basic performances.

If the rated pressure or volumetric efficiency is not pursued, it can be kept above 50 kg between 50-100 revolutions. The reason why the vane pump can have pressure at low speed is that the extension of the vane only needs centrifugal force to be thrown out when there is no pressure at the beginning of starting. When the pressure is established, the extension of the vane is pushed out not by throwing but by the pressure at the bottom of the vane. Therefore, the vane pump can be pushed out as long as there is pressure in the vane pump.

2.How to avoid short yang long:

The minimum starting speed of vane pump is higher than that of gear pump plunger pump, but according to our actual measurement, the starting speed of gear pump with the highest application rate is also between 350 and 450, which is not much difference, because the oil absorption conditions of oil pumps are the same, the only condition for oil absorption is the vacuum degree generated by rotation inside the oil pump, and the principle of different oil pumps is the same except the size, strength and shape of parts, but the application fields are different.

If the vane pump must be started at 600 rpm or more, 1000-1500 rpm is the most ideal and 50-150 rpm is the low-speed pressure maintaining principle, which is called high-speed starting and low-speed pressure maintaining principle. The change of these conditions in the servo system belongs to pediatrics and can be easily realized.

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