Analysis of Effect of Hydraulic Gear Pump Oil on Pump


We all know that hydraulic vane oil pump plays a very i […]

We all know that hydraulic vane oil pump plays a very important role in rotary vane gear pump. The performance of hydraulic pump is closely related to the oil of gear pump, especially the limit vacuum pressure and service life of gear pump.

Hydraulic gear pump oil is not only used as a medium to obtain vacuum, but also plays a role in lubricating, cooling and sealing the friction points of the gear pump.

The main performance requirements of hydraulic gear pump oil are as follows:

1. Very low vapor pressure

This is the most important performance of hydraulic gear pump oil. As the rotary vane gear pump requires high vacuum degree, paraffin-based narrow fraction lubricating oil is generally used.

2. Good thermal oxidation stability

The hydraulic gear pump is continuously developing to a high speed. Due to the high-speed friction between the sliding vane and the pump body, the oil temperature increases and the oil is easy to oxidize and decompose. Especially, the diffusion pump often works in a very high temperature environment, which increases the vapor pressure and reduces the vacuum degree in the system. Therefore, the gear pump oil is required to have good thermal oxidation stability.

3. Appropriate viscosity and good viscosity-temperature characteristics

The internal volume of the hydraulic gear pump cavity is constantly changing to form an exhaust effect, which requires that the lubricating oil should have appropriate viscosity and viscosity-temperature characteristics.

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